A useful business development of new products

THANK YOU so much for all this excellent achievement. I really appreciate everything you've done for me throughout this journey to the official patent and PCT International. What a beautiful performance from you and at a cost that allowed me to realize my dream. Thank you and long life to your business which is so useful in developing new products in Quebec.

Roger Bonin


The alternative to astronomical costs of Patent Lawyers Firm

The copy of a letter from Bruno Gagnon, sent to Ms. Mireille Jean, author of the book Inventing is good, patenting is better. My name is Bruno Gagnon and I am a professional notary. I was also the founder of the Piazzetta restaurant in Chicoutimi that you probably already know. I have a software in restoration development project that I am working on since the recent years and very dear to my heart. I am currently in contact with potential partners and investors for the development of my product. Being a professional notary, I have been aware from the start the importance to protect my invention. I therefore obtained a patent for my invention. I heard this week on television that you give conference to raise awareness of the importance of filing a patent, and what you do is great. The inventor's problem, and I am sure that you're are aware of this, is always and again uphill monetary capacity. At the time when I obtain my patent, I didn’t have the 22,000 dollars required by a conventional patent agency. So I want to bring to your attention that there is an alternative to those Patent offices which are extremely expensive. At the time, I was referred to Inventorium owned by Mr. Daniel Paquette nicknamed "the Policeman-inventor “. This company is exemplary professionalism and are far more reasonable than those of conventional patent agencies. So I think your audience would be really interested to know that this alternative is offered to them.

Bruno Gagnon, notaire


A satisfied customer

Mr. Paquette and Ms. Morin, just an email to say thank you. Inventarium without you and I would never have obtained my provisional patent. I am very happy to have known Inventarium because thanks to you I was able to enter a world inaccessible for an ordinary person like me. And thank you to for the next stage, the official patent. One of your satisfied customers.

Clément Laroche


Thank you to the team Inventarium

I have read the documentation and I was really satisfied with the work performed and the speed of the process, thank you to INVENTARIUM entire team. After reading the evaluation report, I thought during a busy weekend and decided to send the authorisation for the second step, the international patent search on a fast track computer format. Hopefully everything is in accordance with the procedure for the second step. Thank you to Ms. Morin, the nice lady at the secretariat, Mr. Bélanger and Mr. Paquette for your expertise and dedication to my project so close to my heart. And a big thank you to Inventarium for your encouragement.

Justin Coulombe


An impressive designer!

I have received my drawings made by your designer Mr. Michaud. Everything is perfect, even AWESOME! An impressive designer!

Marc Miville


Bad experience with a Patent Lawyers Firm

Hi Mr. Paquette, My wife and I have filed a patent application in Canada and the USA through a large Patent Agent firm located in downtown Montreal. We wrote 98% of the documents and, translated into English and drawing with all figures. We spent about $ 13,000 in fees so far and all of our claims have been rejected by the US Patent examiner. We believe we have been badly advised and exploited, due to our lack of experience. We believe it was time to pull the Plough. Based on the information mentioned on your website, you seem to have experienced a similar situation. We are fairly disappointed with our experience with patent agents.

Benoit Girard


A very good Patent Search Report

Hello Daniel, I read the patent search report done by Mr Poirier, attentively. It is a job carried out with a lot of professionalism. I would like to congratulate him and also thank him for his fine attention to detail. I am fulfilled and very happy to have have had the opportunity to meet a team such as yours. Thank you for everything.

René Hade


Thank you for your constant monitoring and generosity

It is not obvious to an inventor when the time comes to patent an invention. With Inventarium I immediately felt safe, like in a family. Personalized service and the atmosphere of reassuring conversations. I want to thank Mr.Paquette and Ms. Morin for for a constant monitoring, generosity and very affordable costs. We feel the interest through the process to ensure that the inventor is not exploited. I recommend Inventarium 100%. you accompanied me magnificently in this world that was unknown to me and have brought me to the realization of a great dream. Thank you so much

Éric rochon


A comment that goes without comment !

Michel Paré, inventor and businessman did not have a clue as to how to protect his invention. He checked out a few patent agent firms and was flabbergasted by the outrageous fees they were charging. These prohibitive costs were not part of his development budget. He called CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office) to ask for advice. He was advised to take advantage of the « small entity » clause which allows for an independent inventor to file his own patent. He requested and received the necessary documentation and, with the help of his wife, tried to fill out the requirements ,and as she recalls: "We followed all the instructions to the letter and filled out all the documents in an appropriate manner, or at least, that was what we thought. We mailed everything along with our payment. That was the beginning of our descent into hell: Non conforming document, change here, change there, etc... after several months of this, we became so discouraged that we put everything in a drawer and forego of the notion of ever getting our patent. It is only through the sheerest of luck that we learned about Inventarium with its much more affordable rates. Within a few weeks we were able to get our patent back on track and we are once more filled with the hopes of getting a patent. Too bad we didn't learn of Inventarium sooner or we'd already have our patent. "

Madeleine Lapalme et Michel Paré


Testimonials from satisfied clients

Just a word to thank you for the professional services I received from Inventarium. Last year, I had an idea for an invention that needed to be protected but I didn't know a thing about how to obtain a patent. So, I searched all over Canada and contacted numerous patent agents firms. Inventarium was the only place where I really felt that my questions were being answered honestly and realistically by knowledgeable and friendly people. At first, I must say that I was skeptical because the cost of your services were so low, but today, I am very happy to tell you how much the speed and quality of your services have largely exceeded my expectations. Also, I have very much appreciated my presence at the National Housing Show where I made numerous contacts and was able to conduct an excellent market research that has allowed me to announce with great pride that my product will soon be on sale.

Marc Dumont


Pathetic letter from an inventor.

Dear Mr. Paquette, About a year ago, I saw an advertising on television about a company that said that if we have an idea for an invention, they handled everything. Since I had an idea for an invention, I got in touch with them. They told me they were the biggest in the world, so it is with great confidence that I borrowed $12,000.00 and signed their contract. A while later, I realized that my invention had been shown all over the place and that it wasn't protected. They told me not to worry, that nobody had ever had their invention stolen when doing business with them. I didn't take any chances and decided to invest still further in order to file for a patent. It's been a year now and I have yet to receive a single phone call from a company interested in my invention. I'm still hopeful however, especially since the report they gave me early on said that there was a large market for my invention. Mister Paquette, I know you well because I have read your book and been to many of your meetings, I now realize that I should have seeked your advice before signing up with them and putting myself into debt. Even if I am very disappointed with the results so far, only the future will tell if I made the right decision. I hope that my experience will make others think a little more before they sign these types of contracts.

Sandro D’ambrosio


Hard Hard to be Inventor in Belgium!!

Mr. Paquette I live in Belgium (very small European country) and would like to take two minutes of your time. I have discovered your website while surfing the Web and would like to congratulate you for all that you do for creators and inventors in your neck of the woods. I was flabergasted to see all that you offer! You literally take them by the hand all along the arduous road towards the realization of their « dreams ». Why am I addressing you ? I have several projects and ideas, but here in Belgium, NOTHING is organized to help the way that you do! If I were a canadian, with my projects and Inventarium, I would be much further along than where I'm at now. That is why I jumped out of my seat when I read what you do. Here in Belgium, one has to fight, run past the others, go through red tape, con men, jealous people blocking you every which way they can and finally . . . waste a lot of time to move just a bit more forward. We live in a world where it is easy to criticize and complain and so rare to congratulate. But then, I really wanted to congratulate you. I wish you countless new inventors and present you my sincerest salutations.

Philippe Méganck - Belgique


Advice to follow

It is extremely important for a creative person to be aware and to analyze the right steps to follow when creating a promising invention. An Intellectual proerty consultant at Inventarium, Mr. Gilles Boulanger, has evaluated my project. I followed to the letter his precious advice and I am fully satisfied of teh results to this day. He informed me about the business opportunities, the potential market, the lifespan of my project the commercial cycle, publicity, competition, distribution and other aspects of my game. BRAVO ! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROFESSIONNALISM.

Guylaine Tremblay


Perfect coordination despite the distance

"When we started looking for a company that would assist us in the process of patenting our design, Inventarium was a natural choice. From the very beginning we were given a very clear breakdown of the various stages of the process, and during each step we could count on valuable expert advice as well as on highly competitive service rates. Coordinating the process between Vancouver and Montreal was very easy. Together with Inventarium we were able to patent our product design in both Canada and the US in a very uncomplicated and timely fashion. We would definitely recommend Inventarium as a reliable partner for inventors."

Marko and Lev Shtyn - Vancouver


A high quality service.

I have done business with Inventarium to file a trademark and patents to make a new family of musical instruments. Throughout the steps that led to the obtaining my patent patents, the team of Inventarium given me an excellent service. It was easy and pleasant to work with you. I will certainly do business with Inventarium for my next inventions projects for the patents.

Claude Gauthier - Université de Moncton, NB


Inventarium, a unique company in North America

Hi Daniel. The tortuous and perilous paths (if not suicidal). If I had to summarize in a few words my experience of the last thirty years, it is with this sentence (above) as I would have described. I am sure that the biggest challenge of an inventor is to have extreme luck and great joy to be oriented towards an honest firm whose priority has the sole purpose of helping to understand and to advise the inventor. Accomplishing an invention is relatively easy, but for all steps to be from: How to find a patent agent who does not think only to enrich themselves at the expense of the inventor. Search and meet a person with solid experience and having itself patents. Available, understanding, resourceful and offering a range of appropriate services and inexpensive. I had this incredible opportunity to meet one day such a person that reconciles us with life and demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that everyone can realize his cherished dream. Inventarium is a unique firm in North America, if not the world without a doubt. Thank you for all services and for those to come. Long life to you Daniel and Inventarium. Continue your mission, we need you and your welcoming smile.

René Hade


People specialized in the field of the invention

I think I can guess that it will be linked an additional services following this course, as market research, etc. How to thank you for your dedication and your perseverance and for all that you do for inventors including myself. Marketing yesterday. I liked the simplicity of the speaker and his knowledge in this area. It's great to have access to specialized knowledge in the field of the invention. I can tell you that I appreciate it a LOT. Also thank you to Jeanne for the warm welcome. You are inseparable. You sow happiness and hope in the hearts of all those you meet. There are paths in life that cross and that change of vision and understanding. This is what happened to me making your acquaintance and that of all the other people I've known through you. Thank you so much for everything for me.

René Hade


Affordable prices

Hello Mr. Paquette, I want to tell you that every time I see a school bus, I watch the space bar and I think of you and your determination.... I wanted to tell you that without you and Inventarium, it would not have been possible for me to pursue to protect my invention idea because of the lack of money. Without your help and affordable prices, I can easily imagine the number of inventors that would not have proceed with their ideas without your help. Thank you for being such a great inventor!!

Michel Rivard


Chronic TV supporting interest

Hello Mr. Paquette, Your chronic are awesome. You were able to support our interest throughout the show. The love for your work and inspiring inventors whose success can be reach through the screen. The entire team at Navigloo was unanimous: you have a generosity and professionalism that comes out of the ordinary. Visits to our Web almost doubled Sunday and Monday. Thank you and thank you again.

Pierre Beaudoin


First class services

Hi Mr. Paquette and Mrs. Morin, Thank you for your availability and first class services. You were a great help. I am very glad to know you.

Jules Jean-Jacques Senou


My subconscious mind led me to Inventorium and I was not disappointed

Mr Daniel, I write these few lines to express the joy by making your acquaintance. Following the many days of meditation, my subconscious mind lead me at the right place. I must admit that your book was the answer to many concerns that I had for the protection and support for my invention. After many suggestions from the patent office’s CIPO. I did a Google search and I came across your site Inventorium. I was hoping to find my salvation, and that my subconscious was not mistaken. The book that you published Daniel was like a training for me, which otherwise would have cost me time and money in CEGEP. My sincere congratulations on your support to inventors. God bless you and Jeanne.

Gustave Thsibangu


A rigorous and well documented

Hello, This email is just to confirm that I will not go ahead with the filing of a patent for my furniture assembly technique. Two patents you found containing "claims" that are in direct conflict with my concept. Rest assured that I appreciate the work you have done. It is a hard work and very well documented. It is certain that if I do another patented invention, I will still use your services.

Jean-François Courteau


An exceptionnal team

Good evening Mr. Paquette, I want to thank you for your outstanding professionalism as well as your spouse witch is equally important. You make an exceptional team!

René Gauthier


A welcome visibility for inventors

Hello to you both, I would just like to say a big thank you for your commitment to the visibility of the inventors and anything else that is the source of creation. You open gradually minds * * of Quebec and others. In addition to give capacity the spirits to invention and innovation. You increase my faith that one day, my ideas will become reality and the usefulness of this world. Thank you very much and for the forthcoming.

Sébastien Gagnon


A simple message of appreciation

Mr. Paquette and Mrs. Morin, I wanted to say that I really appreciate your business. I've always had good service and quick responses and always good answers to help me. Keep up the good work.

Isabelle Gagnon


High quality of report and researches

Hi Jeanne & Daniel, I am impressed with your high quality reports and researches. I understood there were several identical patents that you guys have found for me. I my opinion couple patent ideas are very similar to my invention. But, anyway I know you guys are specialists and you have all information & knowledge. I know nothing about patenting procedure for now. Therefore, I will rely on your decision and follow your directions. If you say this invention might be too complicated and not patentable, I accept that. Please don't hesitate to contact with me. And I would be truly appreciated if you guys give an advice if you think that I might need to know for my future inventions. The life is very rich and great. I am very happy that I have found your team. I appreciate for your hard work & good quality performance.

Tsoggerel Dorjsuren - Calgary, Alberta


A trade show at the height of our expectations

Hello Mr. Paquette and Ms. Morin, In September 2013, we received an email Info-Inventorium inviting us to participate in the Kinsmen Housing Fair in Victoriaville from March 14 to 16, 2014. We wanted to thank you because you gave us the opportunity to participate and present our new Moon jewelry. This fair was very well organized and we had a lot of visitors. This note is to congratulate you for the initiatives to implement the new ideas and motivate Quebec inventors.

Luc Rouleau & Pierre Zigan


Info-Inventarium, a newsletter more useful

Good morning Mr. Paquette, A quick note to thank you for the newsletters you send to your network. Thanks to your letter of February 10, 2014, we had the opportunity to go and introduce our invention to the CONGELATO at the chamber of Canadian Tire Combustion on March 18 2015 in Toronto. On this day, the present’s judges were delighted with the Congelato and our team. We have received confirmation yesterday a meeting with the purchasing kitchen items to see marketing opportunities in the fall. Again a big thank you!

Stéphane Boivin et Karen Côté


Useful services that deserve to be known

I have received your evaluation report. I am very pleased but even so realistic. Your analysis seems very accurate. I will take the time to think a bit more and communicate with Inventorium for the continuation of the process! Thank you, for the good service, and by the way the services that you offer are very useful and deserves to be known.

Philippe Guérin


Thank you for your perseverance

Dear M.Paquette, It make me great pleasure to have received very good news! The acceptance of my Canadian Patent happens very synchronize my research with a view to immediate development in a University institution ETS. So a big thank you for technical support and perseverance you had with me! My greetings to you and Jeanne!

Guillaume Marquis


The luminaries fondue forks on the road to success

Hi Daniel Just some news ... I'm in Germany, I give exclusivity Switzerland for my forks and already more than 1500 stores have to order ... In March I dating again but this time in Chicago .. Thank you once again for press.

Jean-Pierre rapin


Simplicity and accuracy of the description of the invention.

I appreciate the support received during the preparation of documents to complete my application. Also I am surprised when the simplicity and accuracy of the description of my invention. The documents are easy to read and even easier to understand. Of all patents I read since the 1970s your book differs from all others. Thank you.

Gilles Belzile


Highly appreciated services.

Hello mr paquette, A big thank you to you, to Mr. Lavoie and Frederick. We are really satisfied with the result and your services. I will give you news very soon for the continuation of the project (Texas BBQ) and the official patent. Caroline Bureau & Guillaume St-Jean

Caroline Bureau & Guillaume St-Jean


An outstanding draftsman.

I am very happy with the result of technical ...

Claude Arcand


Long term partnership!

Hello Mr. Paquette and Ms. Morin, following our conversation about selling my invention, can I have your form "Power of Attorney" which allows the buyer to have access to information on my file? I sincerely hope that inventors will deal with you for the next thirty years ... thank you

Guy Ducap


INVENTORIUM was for me the best choice in many ways.

A word sincere and well deserved to Jeanne Morin and Daniel Paquette. Jeanne and Daniel, I greatly appreciated: your cordial welcome; your generosity as to the valuable advice that you provided; for your honesty costs you have saved me and that I was willing to pay (you have not cashed my deposit yet authorized on my credit card because not to indict it justified that you take this amount) that is such a rare commodity nowadays honesty. At INVENTARIUM, you are dealing with...

Réjean A. Pouliot


I understand why Inventarium is successful.

Hello Ms. Morin and Mr. Paquette, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for the answers you have given me this week when I contacted you.

Raphaël Rioux


At the next patent!

Good morning to all the team, I wanted to thank you for all the help, advice and knowledge that I have acquired throughout the process of obtaining a patent. At the next patent!

David Hatin


New item

Thank you to Inventarium for your family and reassuring welcome. You are a rare professionalism and kindness reassuring. Thank you for helping us achieve our dreams.

Eric Rochon


Very professional and very dedicated

You are very professional and very dedicated, it's a pleasure to do business with you. And I'm very proud of my PCT, yesterday I received in the mail. Thanks again!

Robert & Danièle Therrien


A profitable consultation.

I want to thank you for our meeting with Daniel Pilon of Stramar. It was very interesting. We like M.Pilon who spent a lot of time. What we brought, a strategy is interesting and the price for our support are quite reasonable. And personality immediately gave us confidence ... :)

Sébastien Drouault


A very professional analysis report

Hi Mr. Paquette, I greatly appreciate your speed in handling my file in the circumstances as well as your professionalism. Thanks also to Mr. Alain Bélanger for the very well presented and professional analysis report. I cross my fingers to succeed in the next step successfully.

Stéphane Lessard, architecte


Pleasant and fast services

Thank you to you and your team! This is the 3rd time that I call your services and it is always as pleasant and quick to work with you! Greetings, Sylvain Levesque

Sylvain Levesque


A pleasure to work with Inventarium

Thank you very much Mr Paquette and Mrs Morin, it is a pleasure to work with you. Denis Durand

Denis Durand


Thank you for bringing the cause of the inventors on your shoulders.

Thank you for that information Mr. Paquette and thank you for being here and taking this cause on your shoulders. It is people like you who make one believe in the goodness of the world. Have a good day!

Robert et Danièle Therrien


I understand the reasons for your success for so many years

Good morning Ms. Morin and Mr. Paquette, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you very much for the answers you gave me this week when I contacted you. Mrs. Morin you were very kind and patient with me in explaining the details and I enjoyed it very much. I did not know your company, but after this discussion and analysis of your website, I understand why you have been successful for several years, I lift your hat! I look forward to starting this business relationship with you and I will probably have several questions, uncertainties and small moments of panic but I am confident that I will be in good hands with you throughout the process. See you soon!

Raphaël Rioux


A professional organization

Thank you very much, Mr. Paquette. Your organization is very professional and is greatly appreciated.

Terry Gallant



Hello Mr. Paquette, Thank you very much for the great work you and your team have done on my file. Thank you very much for supporting me! Let me refer you to other people! Yes, I received the trademark certificate for USA. Ioana Todor

Ioana Todor


Very efficient team

Hi Mr. Paquette, Thank you for the expedited processing of my file. You and your team are very efficient.

Jean DeBlois


thank you for your professionalism

Hello, I have received and read the report. Obviously, the results are disappointing and I will not proceed with the file. I want to thank you and emphasize your professionalism. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend to anyone who has a good idea and wants to know what to do. Thanks again.

Jacques Langlois


Quality and honesty

Hello Mr. Paquette,   Thank you for the quality and honesty of the preliminary report by Alain Bélanger, B, Ing.

Robert Boulanger


Professional work

Hi Mr. Paquette. Thank you for the preliminary report. You do a very professional job.

Mario Kenty


Professionalism all along the line

I am just finishing reading all the documentation you sent me. The professionalism of the editorial staff and the superior quality of the presentation are everywhere, just like elsewhere on your website.

Gilbert St-Jean


A file processing of an impressive speed

Mr. Paquette it was very nice to work with you on this project. I am very impressed by your ability to take the project despite the very short deadlines and I thank you for it. We are very satisfied with the work done by your firm and you and will certainly be in touch in the future for the rest of the file and the subsequent ones.

Maxime Calouche


New item


Impeccable service

Hi Mr. Paquette, I also wanted to highlight the excellent monitoring of the process by your team. I thank you for the impeccable service you offer.

Tommy Lee Bastien


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New item


Professionalism and excellent service

Hello Mr. Paquette, I confirm that I have received your email containing my copyright certificate. I would like to thank you for your professionalism and your excellent service which gave me complete satisfaction. Regards, Reda Cherfaoui

Reda Cherfaoui


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European patent obtained

Hello Mr. Paquette, After obtaining my European patent, I wanted to say thank you for what you have done! Certainly it saved me a lot of money, but beyond that, there is also the fact of having made the gesture of trying, even if we were not sure! Thank you so much and have a nice day!

Eric K-Laflamme


Appreciated teamwork

Hello Mr. Paquette, I sincerely thank you for the good job you and your team have done. Despite the little addicts during the course, you have all my respect because like many other inventors, without your participation we might never have been able to carry out our projects. Thank you again a thousand times, Mr. Paquette.

Jacques Bédard


New item


An eloquent testimony

Hello Mr. Paquette! I have received the analysis report. I have started to read it and I am fortunately surprised at the professional work that Mr Bélanger has done. It is well detailed with very good comments. You will tell him of my great satisfaction at having produced a comprehensive and enriching report. I am very proud to have chosen the INVENTARIUM, you are a professional and conscientious team attentive to and at the service of your customers and I will not hesitate to advise future customers to do business with you.

Jocelyn Doucet


An extremely efficient patent writer

Thank you Daniel and say thank you very much to your patent writer, Gilles Boulanger, for me and tell him that he could have been an excellent doctor because he operates very quickly.

Sylvain Plante