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SURE WIPE - Spring for windshield wiper assemblies

TSURE WIPE® is the only product that cures wiper blade flutter and streaks, and makes old and new wipers perform.


NAVIGLOO - Shelter for winter storage of boats and RVs

Finally, with Navigloo, the ecological and economic solution is here to put an end to painful boat winterizing ordeal. The do-it-yourself 2x4 structures, with all the risks it entails for your boat, are now ancient history!


SIMAX - The only one decorative brick cuts to exacto

Light, fireproof, not-flammable and real appearance.


MOTOBRUSH - Brushs for moto

You are tired of spending hours cleaning your motocycle, we have the solution, MOTOBRUSH. These brushes are equipped with a dense concentration of bristles made specially to protect paint and chrome, well allowing a deep and secure cleanup. With MOTOBRUSH less cleaning, more riding. MOTOBRUSH make useful to the pleasant.



The perfect dog bowl.


STIMULO - Cat interactive feeder


APOGE - Folding trailer

All trailers meet the standards and laws of Transport Canada and Transport Québec.



A bed belt that helps you make your bed and change your bed sheets without having to lift your mattress. It also kees your bed sheets in place. Simple, fast, efficient and without effort.


FOAMWATERDRAIN - Inside drain system for basement

Inside drain system for basement.


SPIRALE - pasta drying rack

When I first started making my own pasta, like you, I soon realized I needed a pasta dryer. Sadly, a compact, easy to store, affordable, quality product that could hold a large volume of fresh pasta simply did not exist. So I created La Spirale. It is everything you want from a great pasta drying rack. So look no further! You have found the best dryer on the market.


ONETOPICK - Illuminated Fondue Forks

If you’d like to impress your guests during your fondue evenings, you need to get your hands on a set of Onetopick illuminated fondue forks. These beautiful forks use LED lights to illuminate see-through acrylic handles with unique patterns.


PYONIX: Accessories to improve posture in figure skating

The handle and the glove PYONIX are accessories designed to improve posture followers of figure skating.


BOTRUM VERSA – Your precise and stylish wine decanting device

The unique concept and design of the BOTRUM VERSA pouring caddy allows for perfect decantation of red wines and ports (or any other wine for that matter) directly into the glass. The metal alloy and wood components combine to give the device a contemporary style and artful elegance. Because the wood bases are made of one-of-a-kind wood pieces, each device is truly unique. The BOTRUM VERSA pouring caddy mechanism is simple and efficient, making it very easy to use. You can also use a drop catcher when pouring to make service perfect.


GUTTER CLEANER DIRT BUSTER - Accessory adapted to vacuum for cleaning gutters

Access to the gutters from the ground to clean the gutters of your home.


TANDEM - Bed Sheet: Heat for one and cool for the other

This new innovation in bedding sheets allows each individual in the same bed to enjoy a similar level of comfort based on their tolerance to heat or cold.


EXACT ANGLE - The moulding guide

Fast and accurate reading ease. Window indicating the degrees of the tab and the bevel for cutting flat. Gives as accurate as a level reading needle leaving the loose bolt. The kind of angle and the technique to cut. Cuts flat 45/45 and 52/38 charters.


EASEL DESK - Ideal for the office

For the student, office, musician, artist, handyman, cook, etc.


COMPACT MULTI-GUIDE - A guide to universal cut

No calculation necessary.


New item - Multifunctional transportation container for worms

Transport container of worms designed to make it easier for fishermen.


CAMOMALY - Camouflabe flexible panels magnetized

Hide and protect the sides of your vehicle with our flexible magnetic signs CAMOMALY. These magnetic panels are custom manufactured to the curves of your vehicle with 3 mm (1/8) accuracy with the camouflage of your choice or logo. They are reusable and easy to install. The panels cover the sill or 90% of the vehicle's sides.


DICK'N PETER STRAIGHT SHOOTERS - Your teachers in the bathroom!

In no time he'll learn to lift the seat and pee straight. Your child will instantly be able to see himself improving while having fun. You won't have to consider bribes or threats anymore. Your little boy will now enjoy going to the potty, leaving the toilet cleaner than ever. Dick'n'Peter Straight Shooters is the fun and easy way to potty train your little boy.


SUSHI MAKER - to make sushi in 4 easy steps

How to make sushis in 4 easy steps?


DRYPEDALOSEC - The best rack to keep paddle boat dry and clean

You find unpleasant sitting down in the water at each exit on your pedal boat? It bothersome to have to wipe, scoop or reverse your boat to empty of water before you use it? You find difficult to carry your paddle boat on the shore or spill on your dock? DrypedaloSec allows you to store your pedal boat near the water in a vertical position and out of the water to keep it dry, clean and always accessible.


CG ELITE - Hunting sling firearms & crossbow

Hunting fierarms sling to facilitate the hunter's mouvement.


SNOW-CROZZ - Snow bike

The present invention relates generally recreational devices but more particularly to a recreational devices for use on ski slopes consisting of a bicycle frame having each of its wheel replaced by a snow board like device and used on ski slopes.


New item


GEOCAN - lunch box/placemat

Your invention is essentially a bag for lunch which has insulating properties and can be disassembled quickly to show a flat surface that acts as a placemat. You can order this item directly on the website Geocan inc. asking the "Lunch Box Convertible into a placemat".


DEE-WEEDER - The multifunctional tool to get rid of weeds and clean flower beds

Why so many tools ? Now you can have the one tool that does it all. 9 functions in 1



Simple installation and unique, the screen door opener handsfree gives you the ability to open your screen door even with busy hands.


WALL OF LIFE: Vertical walls for hydroponic growing for herbs, flowers and fountain

Wall of Life Distributions inc. is the first and the only company to provide vertical walls for hydroponic (or with soil) growing, which gives you the opportunity to eat fresh organic herbs or edible flowers every day. Our models are unique. They can also be transformed into a beautiful decorative fountain. We are at the same time, the designer, manufacturer, distributor and settled in Canada.


COSTAUD - Extended caulking gun multi-function robust


MINI-GARAGE: A cover that protects the windshield of ice, frost and snow.

MiniGarage: A cover that protects the windshield, the glass front doors, mirrors of ice, frost and snow. Also it protects locks and prevents frost doors. The MiniGarage is made to measure for all vehicles, vans and mini-van. The retail price is $ 139.95


BLOCKER SLEEVE - Reaction training for goalies

The Blocker Sleeve is a simple and effective tool allowing goalies to devote more time to develop their reaction ability and improve their reaction speed.


CLAPP BABY SLIDER - Accessory for stroler in winter

A plastic carpet that is easely installed and removed under a baby stroler so you can use it in winter conditions.



New hook that replaces the string or fish string, except stronger, faster and more efficient.


FILTRE-TOU - Washable microfiber filter for swimming pools and spas

Filters dust and algae. Keeping water clear and clean. Save on water and draining. Microfiber filter is washable.



Board game on the theme of the moose. Card based strategy game boards and addressing a large audience either of 7-107 years. Number of Players: 2 to 6. Video demonstration of how to play Big Buck available on Big Buck's Facebook page. In French only for the moment.



TORTEDO - Utensil for cooking pastry dough over a campfire

Simply wrap your favourite dough evenly around the utensil. (No more than 1/4” thick) Rotate slowly over medium coals, once it is golden brown and cooked, remove from utensil and fill with your favourite filling.


VAC-UP - Vacuum cleaner accessory that sucks from above

The present invention relates generally to vacuum cleaner accessories but...


FONDUSSIMO - Fondue dish reinvented

Basket : 6 removable food-grade stainless steel baskets with...


The TRIANGLES game by Pedagofun

Strategy game, 7 years and over, 2 players. Place as many chips as possible on the board making triangles. In turn, a player drops a stick in one of the slots on the board. Each time a player completes a triangle, he places a token on it, then places a new stick. At the end of the game, the player with the most chips on the board wins the game.